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The last few years, the NHL’s revenues have been increasing on several fronts. One of them has been due to the streaming services. NHL team owners have experienced a 15% team value last year alone. On average, NHL teams are worth about $597 million. In 2015, MLBAM made a deal with the NHL and it’s owners. That deal allowed MLBAM to be able to stream live out of market games. The following year, the National Hockey League inked a deal with ESPN. Well, ESPN actually purchased BamTech’s stake in NHL streaming services. That one-third purchased by ESPN, is valued at more than 3 billion.

In addition to all of these revenues, the NHL has been making more money on other fronts. For instance, they have been charging more money at the gate when people come to games. Advertising and Television have also been more lucrative for the hockey league. In fact, sponsors spent more than $559 million last year in ads during NHL games. Overall, the NHL has continued to increase how much money they been making every year since the 2005-06 season.

With the exception of the 2012-13 season, the NHL has gone through continued growth. Back in 2005, the average revenue for the hockey league was around $2.27 billion. Last year though, the numbers were up to $4.43 billion. For a league that has been plague by lockouts, this is astonishing. Each time the NHL goes through a lockout, they claim is because they are losing money. However, according to statistics and the National Hockey League commissioner Garfy Bettman, that is not the case. This year alone the NHL is expected to rake in a staggering $4.5 billion in profits.

When it comes to the most valuable teams in the NHL, that accomplishment goes to the New York Rangers. Their team is worth $1.5 billion with the Toronto Maple Leafs coming in second at $1.4 billion. The NY Rangers team recorded profits of more than $245 million for last season. But, their operating income was higher than that of any other hockey team at $94 million. Clearly, the NHL has become a money making machine. The good news for fans is that based on these numbers, it will be hard for the National Hockey League to sell another walkout or lockout due to NHL losing money.


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