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For any hockey fans, the most important thing is being able to watch their favorite teams play. However, those who do not have cable or other means, may find it hard to do so. A major problem with all major sports teams and being able to watch them play is always licensing deals. These are deals that take place between TV networks and team owners. It is due to those licensing deals that fans have a hard time being able to watch their favorite NHL team play. One option is being able to watch NHL games online. The past few years, more NHL teams have been allowing the streaming of their games to be done online.

A great way to watch NHL games online for free is by finding links on sites such as Reddit. There are countless of people who set up these links and provide them to others. You will have to deal with occasional pop up ads and redirects though. Just make sure you are careful when you click on the redirects. These NHL games links typically only last for the duration of the game itself. Once the games end, the link will likely expire as well. But many of these sites will offer other games in the future. You may have to check with them to see if your team is one of those available.

Another option is finding sites which stream the games directly. A simple query on most search engines will render numerous results. Of course you may have to click on a few that don’t work or have expired before finding one that does. Still, chances are you will get lucky and find a site streaming the NHL games for free. Some people watch NHL games online using their local sports channel and Roku. Combined together, they allow you to view all your team’s games during the season. This option is not free since you have to pay for using the NHL.tv app on Roku.

Using Sling TV is also another way to watch NHL games online. But the problem with this option is that nationally televised games are the only ones you will be able to watch. Others include Hulu TV, YouTube TV, Playstation Vue and DirecTV now. All of the last ones mentioned charge for their services.


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